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Welcome to The Coral Cove, your one stop online shop for mail order marine livestock in the UK.  Browse our extensive range of soft & hard coral colonies & coral frags, marine inverts, clean up crew critters, anemones, live rock & our fabulous selection of zoanthids.  With our easy to navigate online shop, you are only a few clicks away from treating your reef tank to something a little special.  Colourful & rare zoas, ricordia tonga & discoma mushrooms, sea fans, sponges, clove polyps, LPS & SPS corals & more...we stock everything you need to create a truly stunning reef display & with new stock arrivals on a weekly basis the site is regularly updated to offer you something new everytime you visit.

The Coral Cove is run by dedicated marine enthusiasts who are as passionate about marine aquatics as you are & we primarily provide high quality livestock for the marine hobbyist as well as offering complementary goods such as our LED light units, a must for coral health & visually enchancing your reef display whilst being economical to run.


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