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 Welcome to The CoralCove,  your one stop online shop for all your reefing needs. We stock an extensive range of soft & hard coral colonies & coral frags, marine inverts, fish, clean up crew critters, anemones, live rock & our fabulous selection of zoanthids. We stock a comprehensive dry goods range including salts, additives and medications. We are also going to great lengths to expand our product range daily and are forging some great relationships with well known suppliers across the globe. Although we are predominantly a mail order company we are more than happy for customers to visit  so always feel free to ring and arrange an appointment. We like to get to know our customers as this  helps us stay in tune with exactly what you need and allows us to tailor our services to meet the requirements of all our customers, while at the same time keeping things affordable.


We have a fantastic Facebook page with regular updates and we run an even more fantastic Facebook group #reefjunkiesanonymous, feel free to join via the link at the top, once you join the group you can chat to like minded reefers, learn , teach, buy/sell/swap and get regular updates on our stock. 


Although we would love to have the time to list every single coral we stock this is simply too labour intensive due to the volume of stock we hold and we often sell out before we can find the time to do this, this website is used as a channel to sell our dry goods and give you a good understanding of who we are and what we do. You can look through previous stock in the relevant categories on  here and if it shows as sold out don't panic, we may have it in stock and if we haven't we can most  likely get it. We specialise in very high end Australian Lps and we also stock a very nice range of indonesian specimens.





 For dry goods hit on the "SHOP NOW" button below.

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We are also the Founder of ALLIES, the Alliance of Legally Licensed and Insured Ethical Sellers. Hopefully this goes a long way to bringing peace of mind not only to our customers but also the customers of all other ALLIES affiliates. To purchase from like minded ALLIES members head over to Fishbook Marine. Exclusively sponsored by ALLIES

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